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Main Function of The Ministry

The functions of the ministry can be categorised into the following 10 key areas:

1. Security and Public Order
To preserve, maintain and enhance security and public order against any threat; and to enforce internal security and public order

2. Registration
To ensure orderly management of the population registry in accordance with the constitution of the country

3. Immigration and Foreign Workers
To ensure orderly management of the issue of travel documents, entry/exit of citizens and foreign nationals as well as the issue of appropriate passes to foreign nationals who reside in this country in accordance with immigration acts and regulations

4. Management of Societies
To ensure orderly registration of organisations and societies in accordance with prevailing laws

5. Anti-Drugs
To intensify efforts to stop the supply, distribution and abuse of drugs; and to enhance the effectiveness of the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addiction.

6. Publication and Quranic Text Control

To regulate the publication, printing and distribution of printed materials; and to ensure the authenticity and prevent the distortion of Quranic texts and material

7. Film Control
To regulate film production and distribution activities

8. Management of Volunteers
To ensure the efficient management of volunteers so as to safeguard national security and well-being, apart from acting as the eyes and ears of the government and carrying out community and local socio-economic activities.

9. Rehabilitation and Implementation of Punishment
To ensure the safe implementation of punishments and detention of offenders; and to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation programmes of offenders