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Service Information


i. Administration and Finance Unit

  • Management of office space of division
  • Management of assets and office equipment
  • Management of the file room
  • Management of the correspondence
  • Monitoring and preparation of attendance report
  • Secretariat of divisional meetings
  • Reservation of refreshments for meetings
  • Reservation of vehicles
  • Management of the administrative affairs of division personnel
  • Preparation of annual report
  • Management of office and document security
  • Preparation of budget
  • Preparation of request notes
  • Management of bill payment
  • Management of claims by personnel in division
  • Co-ordinator of the key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Co-ordinator of the 5S practices
  • Co-ordinator of ISO management
  • ii. Service and Recruitment Management Branch

Responsible for the following matters:-

  • Recruitment of support group 2 officers and appointment of contract/temporary officers;
  • Placement and transfer;
  • Service matters of officers from date of first appointment to termination of service/retirement;
  • Matters relating to leave of officers under General Orders, Chapter
  • Matters relating to the salary and allowances of officers;
  • Welfare of officers;
  • Secretariat of the Departmental Joint Council; and
  • Secretariat of the Human Resource Management Council (HRMC) of the Ministry of Home Affairs

 iii. Organisational Development, Scheme, Remuneration and HRMIS Branch

 Personnel Unit

  • Managing all personnel activities
  • Study on posts
  • Service scheme study
  • Study on allowances/incentives in service scheme;
  • Inspectorate of posts
  • Reorganisation and strengthening of the organisational structure of departments/agencies
  • Notification of warrant and updating of Establishment Warrant and Omnibus Warrant from the Treasury
  • Preparation of annual list of posts


  • Co-ordination and monitoring of the 2011 secretary-general HRMIS KPI
  • Co-ordination of the implementation of HRMIS application modules/sub modules in the ministry/departments/agencies
  • Management of HRMIS meetings and training:
  1. HRMIS Steering Committee meetings
  2. HRMIS Implementation Committee meetings
  3. HRMIS Core Team meetings
  4. HRMIS Champion Team meetings
  5. HRMIS Module and Sub-module Workshop
  • Management of training for HRMIS users in all divisions of the ministry
  • Preparation of basic data and determination of role/work flow
  • Information Centre and Helpdesk

 vi. Training and Competence Development Management Branch

 Training Unit

  • General and specific induction courses
  • Monitoring of training
  • Training operation plan
  • In-house and external courses
  • Implementation of training policy
  • Co-ordination of courses organised by central agencies
  • Implementation of courses on Civilisational Islam & inculcation of noble values
  • Industrial training
  • Co-ordinator of National Civics Bureau courses
  • Secretariat for Training Committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs

Competence and Examination Unit

  • Management of all types of in-service examinations for the ministry non-common use service
  • Management of the formulation of examination questions
  • Secretariat for the Competence Assessment Board meetings
  • Secretariat for Promotion by Appointment and Departmental Subject Examination Panel
  • Management of the ministry learning session
  • Co-ordination of examinations organised by central agencies for candidates at the ministry

 v. Disciplinary, Promotion and Performance Management Branch

 Disciplinary and Promotion Unit

  • Disciplinary matters
  • Appeals against disciplinary punishment
  • Acting post, promotion and Special to Holder promotion
  • Appeals for promotion
  • Temporary assignments
  • Complaints of misconduct of officers
  • Complaints against division
  • Approval to apply for and own government land
  • Application for involvement in politics
  • Application to do outside work
  • Advisory service and briefings relating to all the above matters

Performance and Secretariat Unit

  • Human Resource Development Panel
  • National Integrity Plan
  • Declaration of assets
  • Nomination for decorations, orders and medals
  • Governance Integrity Committee meetings
  • Implementation of Value Audit Monitoring System
  • Annual work target
  • Human Resource Division strategic planning
  • Public Service Integrity Strengthening Programme


 Application of Psychology in Personnel Development

  • Conducting of diagnosis of individuals and organisations in formulating appropriate psychology and counselling programmes
  • Development of modules for the psychology and counselling programmes
  • Organising of seminars, workshops and programmes relating to the aspects of psychology and counselling
  • Incorporation of aspects of psychology and counselling in training programmes of the ministry
  • Sharing of information relating to psychology and counselling through bulletins, posters, brochures and pamphlets
  • Provision of consultancy service relating to psychology in personal and organisational development

 Application of Psychology in Personnel Evaluation

  • Conducting of psychological testing for placement purposes
  • Conducting of psychological testing for personnel development purposes
  • Conducting of psychological testing for performance management purposes

Application of Psychology in Intervention

  • Provision of individual and group counselling service as well as telecounselling and e-counselling to walk-in and referred clients
  • Appointment of public service peer guides (AKRAB)
  • Implementation of the Mentoring Programme
  • Organising of Employee Evaluation Programme for poor performing and problematic officers
  • Application of Psychology in Research
  • Conducting of studies on the issues of psychology and counselling in organisations
  • Provision of input to improve human resource management


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