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The National Defense Fund (TAPPN)

The National Defense Fund (TAPPN) is a trust fund that aims to give consolation in the form of monetary assistance to its beneficiaries in the event of death or injury while performing active duties or operational duties. Beneficiaries of TAPPN under Ministry of Home Affairs are as follows;

1. Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM)
2. Prisons Department of Malaysia
3. National Antidrug Agency (AADK)
4. Immigration Department Malaysia (JIM)
5. Malaysia Volunteers Department (RELA)
6. Malaysian Border Control Agency (AKSEM)

Prisons, Antidrug and Civil Volunteer Division (PDR) has been entrusted by the top management to be the secretariat in order to process the application submitted by beneficiaries under the ministry, other than Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) which has its own secretariat.

Applications submitted by beneficiaries would be processed by the secretariat and further to be assessed by TAPPN Assessment Committee Meeting chaired by Deputy Secretary General (Security). In the meeting, representatives of related beneficiary from which the applicant is the member, are expected to attend the meeting as to support their case.
The Committee is responsible to make findings as well as recommendations to the Minister of Home Affairs for every application submitted. An application is considered to be officially submitted upon fulfilling all the required forms and other supporting documents.

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